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Spare parts for military & armored vehicles
Bulldozer blade & recovery winch
Scissor lift platform
Automatic Run Flat Tires Assembler

Albayda Establishment supplies original spare parts for a large number of military and armoured vehicles, such as:

  • M-60 tanks
  • AMX-30 tanks
  • Leopard tanks
  • M-113 APC
  •    BMR-600 / VEC-600
  • M-48 tanks
  • BMR-M1
  •    LAV
  •    VAB
  • Hummer
  •    Land Rover
  •    Iveco / Pegaso
  • Ae quality procedures and policies require and ensure that all spare parts supplied are brand new and original, and comply with all quality tests for the highest performances.

    Our engineers in coordination with our Customers, study the advisable provision of spare parts and tools for a correct maintenance in accordance to the echelon to be carried out.

    When our Customer requirement goes beyond the standard supply of spare parts, Ae delivers tailor made engineering solutions. For such a task Ae accounts with a highly qualified team in the engineering and in the design fields.


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