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Overhauling & Upgrading
Design & Manufacturing of armoured vehicles

Albayda Establishment is specialized in the BMR military vehicle. Among all solutions and services provided, we emphasize the Manufacture, Overhauling and Maintenance of the BMR. In a same way, we emphasize the management and supply of spare parts and original components of the BMR for the domestic and foreign markets.


Country of origin: Spain
Crew: 2 + 8 mens
Weight: 14,170 tons
Dimensions: Length: 6.15 ms, Width: 2.49 ms, Height: 2.36 ms
Weaponry: 1 M-2 12.70 millimetres machine gun

Pegaso 9157/8 diesel engine 306 HP (Scania of 310 HP)

Power: 22 HP/Tm
Suspension: McPhearson independent Hydropneumatics
Traction: 6 X 6
Maximum Speed: 100 Km/h, Water, 9 Km/h
Autonomy: 1.000 Km

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